My Religious Festival Rakshabandan In USA

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This is ,off course first time in my life that I am celebrating my any religious festival out of my home but it is ok and good opportunity to make new fourth one sister ,Daria .She is really just look like my elder sister ,Veena so caring and well mannered woman .Rakshabandan ,as per my relgious faith ,Raksha means,Protection” and Bandhan means , Bond” .This is observed brotherly and sisterly affection.This festival  is widely celebrated wherever,Hindu Community is living in the  world .Today my fourth sister,Daria of Curecia  bound scrench on my  wrest and made bond with me  .Now I t is my duty to maintain this relation in the entire life . But Thanks Daria ,my sister to be so kind with me.Though we ,all Humphrey fellows are living here like a family .

Mukesh Ropeta

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  1. As a feminist, I am least interested in the idea of ‘protection’ given by ‘brothers’ go their “less guarded” sisters. This is the epitome of patriarchal mindset. What I like about this particular festival is the reaffirmation of affection demonstrated among siblings.
    I am delighted to see you enter into the bond of sibling-hood with Daria.

  2. I am going to be straightforward and say that I have no idea of what Rakshabandan is, let alone where I could go to practice it. I am amazed at the fact that you have been able to find time and space to practice your beliefs here. That is fantastic.

    Your post really got me wondering about how large the world really is. There are so many religions and cultures that I have no knowledge about. I find it even more amazing that these cultures can coexist within Arizona. I hope to learn so much from this seminar in terms of culture. I am really looking forward to the next class.

  3. First of all, I simply adore the way Mukesh spells my country Croatia. It just reminds me what I always think:we don’t necesarilly need to KNOW something exactly to have an affection for it. I do feel sisterly affection to Mukesh and I am grateful to him to broaden my horizons telling me about his Holiday. I simply wanted to share something nice with him at that moment. Luckilly, I remembered that I always have in my purce the string my girl-friend Joe got from Dalai Lama Himself. It was given to me with love and friendship and that is how I split it in two. It will never be anything but a piece of silk if we don’t keep our minds together, even if we call ourselves brothers and sisters. No ideology, religion or any other sociological background for me in it. It was a pure act of an individual affaction and I would like us all to keep it in mind like that. Bless you!

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