New school day

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It was a great day for me today and it was because I saw my younger son Abdullah in his school uniform.
Despite being thousands of miles away from him, I was able to see him off on his first day in school, thanks to Skype. He was happy too. With his school bag tied to his back, he pulled one of his books and said: ” This is mine”. He did the same thing with his water bottle, pencils and some other books, until his mother said to him, ‘It is time to leave’. I wished him luck for his first day in school and waiting to hear from him, earlier than the school time ends.
To my surprise, unlike my other children, he spent the entire day at school with his new friends. This was a joyful day for all my family including Abdullah himself.

7 Comments on “New school day”

  1. My dear brother, I wish you were a little more like your son and stayed all day at school :))

  2. Like that you share with us yours private moments. A child first day at school is a joyful moment for each parent. You are very proud of your children.

  3. Afridi – I voted today at an elementary school and watched all the little students come to class with shiny faces and backpacks. It brought back memories of my children at school time — the start of the new year, new pencils, new backpacks, new books such wonderful smells! My youngest is now in college. Let me warn you time moves very fast and before you know it they are young adults — which is an amazing fun age as well.

    1. Tell you what Dr Bill, I was thinking the same when I went to the school to get admission forms for Abdullah before I left for US.
      I had this feeling that it was the last of such forms and it reminded me collecting the first one for Hina, My eldest daughter. Its Nine years since then.

  4. Father and Son has started going their class. Bravo! Son is very happy with his new class rather than father.
    Best wishes for both of their new begining

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