The first Humphrey seminar

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Today is Monday 23 of August, 2010. We attended at the first Humphrey seminar at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications, ASU. It is a very demanding seminar. Actually, I am in cultural shock.
I have passed ” Honeymoon stage.” Now I am on the second stage of cultural shock, which is called ” Settling in … To Frustration?!”
Sometimes I can get laughed at, due to my missundestanding in English.  And also the language of space, private space, emotional space… too many spaces….
But I hope everything will be great as Ross Lee Tabak said ” Frustration comes and goes, disillution comes on like a monsoon and the pangs of homesickness can become debilitating.”
A modern Leader should think like a leader and works like a soldier. Do you agree with me?

Chinkhand Dorj

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Chinkhand Dorj from Mongolia. A broadcasting journalist for Mongolian National Public Radio and Television. A HH Humphrey fellow, 2010-2011 Walter Cronkite School of Jounalism and Mas Communication, ASU.

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