My three weeks in Tucson.

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My three weeks in Tucson city of Arizona State of America were really memorible for whole life ,started with some fearness and finished in a so joyful moments that made history in my life .Fear for what that it is my first time that I am out of own homelend and that is U S A ,very strange .I arrived at Tucson airport at 4.30 pm on date 7/13/2010 but due to miscommunication with Ms.connei ,I could not be recieved by the Peer councilor of CESL and after two hours wait at airport ,   it  was very hot day andthe  sun was just hitching my  body  and head and  reminded me my home town , Jacobabad which is the hottest city in South Asia ,meanwhile suddenly the weather changed and sky became whole black ,sky lighting ,roaring and thundering started so I was already afraid and alone completely ,decided to go to Sahara Apartment  through taxi just to save myself and my stuff /laguage and raeched there while rain was started during my jourey from airport to Sahara Apartment  at 7.00 pm .I met with Mr.Ted ,the manager of the apartment who,carrying my laguage in support took me to my room no.5107 locatd at ground floar  and showed me how to start Airconditioned /light system .Anyway after fresh and keping my stuff in th eroom , I went to room of  Mr.Alauddin ,a Bangladeshi Humphrey Fellow as I had read his biography sent by Ms.Ivy ,Program Manager and met with him and asked how to contect with family and He advised me to buy the Skype creit card which is cheap just 24 cents per minute call to my country while I didnot know before that what is skype as I never used it in my country but I always used Yahoo as well as hotmail ,this was completely new website for me .we went to K shop that was located near to Sahara just on walking distance and bought card and other grocery items .however we returned sahara in some time and sit at Alaudding room ,I talked with my family while Alouddin perpared dinner for me .we chated till 1.00 pm togather .He told me about the Pre -Academic Training Course and atmosphere .This was first night that I could not sleep in my room .In the next morning ,All humphrey colleagues gathered at sahara gate for van to go to CESL in University there Aloudding introduced me with all others then we left for Cesl in van there I met with Ms.Connei , the Program Manager .she took  me to immegration Advisor and while going there , she in very clver professional manner ,apologised of miscommunication about picking up from airport and told me in detail that in the rest of the days as I was one month late , what I have to do and which are the assignments have been given to all fellows ,means Presenation on Pakistan and Group Project ,that was also Presenation but it was somewhat different in that I had to talk about my any leader  .Anyway after completion of the all formulities , I went to  attend the Oral writting class of Mr.Peter Burns ,writting class of Janae Schuffer and then in the noon there was presenation of the our colleague from Amul of Iraq.though I had never presented any presenation in my country but I as a challenge , started perparation after meeting with Peer Councelor ,Mecheal who assigned me the topic , Sharp Leader ,my country Father of the Nuclear Program ,Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto .Now I am very anxious here to recieve my two Presenations as My computer was not working and I donot know how to ues PowerPointTwo days passed and I could not make any research .though I had not any knowledge how to do these .I mentioned this problem with Alauddin who assured me to help and to use his laptop .On 22July ,I started collecting all the infromation about Pakistan history ,culture,population,poverity and education ratio,lifeline ,agriculture,issues ,national rythem,songs .and all required infromation through Google and I succeeded to make  more then 50 slides presenation .Earlier the day of the Presenation ,25th July night I gave the final touch and made practice presenation before Alaudding considering him as a audience however, on 26th July  Morning 8.30 am ,I Presented my country presenation and on the end there was a lot clapping and then manny questions were asked by colleaques ,Till I donot believe that How I could do that so confidently …..oh Thank God .This time , I was very happy and just no words to say thanks to my friend Mr.Alaudding and this time I believed that God helps those who help themselves.Now exact after three days there was scheduled Group Project Presenations ,the Sharp Leader .on the 30th July , I also presenated my sharp leader Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto with such a confidence that my colleaques gave me congratulations .During the Tucson stay , Our Group was also taken on tour of the Biospjere 2,Creative Photogarphy Centre ,edward Mirrior centre,Karithchan Caves ,Really after visiting these , my mind concept clear ,why  Evrey person of the World wants  to get education in America because  Americans are very creative mind and so systematical  ,civilised .Thank God as well as IIE that I got opportunity to develop at least my skills being a limited American English listening power before arriving and attending the UA in Tucson  .I have come to know this that Nothing is impossible in the World . It was again an moment of seperating from my Tucson colleagues on 1st August  that made me and my other four colleagues very sad as this was just a time that we had adjusted ourselves away from families. Well This was entire story of passing three weeks that provided me a big experience of life.Earlier There was fair well party arranged by all Humphreys in the hall of Sahara attende by teachers and guests .oh it was really full of fun and different kinds of food,dancing on mostly every country music .i forgot to mention of my first innncident happened with me that It was first morning about 5.30 am ,Though I could not sleep as it happens with everybody days are always crucial to adjust in the new atmosphere ,I went to nearby public Park of my apartment as I started running that three guys on the bikes ,reached there started threatening demanding monsy from me ,Thank God I had forgot money,They said give us money ,mobile

I replied I have nothing ,

They again said abusing me ,give us money

I replied same ,

they checked my whole body and pockets run away while shoutings ,

I was very afraid that time and I backed immediately to my apartment .I told the story to my friend Alauddin and my class teacher as well as my coordnator but they had same answer that Why I alone went there ,as Homeless people and crimminals are whole day roaming commiting of crime and ,you should have been with somebody ……..they advised me not to go any public park alone cus these are occupied by the homeless people. I said ok.I was then thinking that what is diffrenec between my country and America but I tried to forget it considering the   crime can be happened everywhere in the World as criminal has identification