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The world is changing. If you view carefully around you, you can notice that everything has drammatically changed just a few moments ago.  Why?

Society does not change when people adopt tools.

It changes when people adopt new behaviours.” Clay Shirky, Here comes Everybody.

When I heard that words first time, I was thinking a lot.

 I totally agree with it. A shining example of it is social media. Facebook, twitter, foursquarre…. Now people, especially young people prefer to communicate each other by using social media, rather than meeting face by face.  Social media has brought challenges to media environment as well not only himan communications. People can get any information about eveyrthing what they wanted to know, easily just by using it. Amazing  of course, news spread through the whole world so quickly ….Is it what media outlets wants to reach, isn’t it? Is it good or bad? What would happen in the future? Have you got enough time to check  and reply to your facebook, twitter, email, messenger, skype… in this changing world? …There are a lot of question just following Social Media.

We will see.


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Chinkhand Dorj from Mongolia. A broadcasting journalist for Mongolian National Public Radio and Television. A HH Humphrey fellow, 2010-2011 Walter Cronkite School of Jounalism and Mas Communication, ASU.

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  1. In the class JMC 305, Dr Gilpin mentioned that more and more companies in America are concentrating social media. They hire PR professionals to manage the branding on social media.

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