Caritas will spent $ 12 million for flood-affected people of Pakistan

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I would like to inform you that Caritas is revising its appeal for Pakistan to Euros 10 million (USD 12 million) to reach 350,000 people affected by the worst flooding there in living memory. Flooding has caused damage and displacement in a fifth of the country and left 21 million people affected.

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With a master's degree in sociology from the University of Chittagong, Mohammed Alauddin is the information and communication coordinator for Caritas, a non-governmental organization engaged in international emergency relief response, community building and justice advocacy efforts. He produces videos, press releases, newsletters and reports.

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3 Comments on “Caritas will spent $ 12 million for flood-affected people of Pakistan”

  1. Great news! I hope the help makes it in time for those who really need it and not end up in the hands of some selfish leaders.

  2. My biggest concern is that the Pakistani authorities are too corrupt to distribute whatever assistance and money they get for the flood victims. It is this reason that the international community is reluctant to generously contribute to the flood victims in Pakistan. It is better not to contribute than throwing money to the corrupt politicians.
    I hope Caritas will make sure that it distributes assistance among the flood victims without allowing the black sheep in the Pakistani ruling elite embezzle the assistance.

  3. Caritas will implement this project indefinitely. We are committed to the people not to the Government.


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