India hopes for resolution of BlackBerry issue

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NEW DELHI, September 14 ( – India hopes for a resolution of security issues related to Research In Motion’s BlackBerry services, the telecoms minister said on Tuesday.

“I do hope it will be resolved,” Andimuthu Raja told reporters. “We are periodically reviewing.”

Concerned about militants using the BlackBerry services to plan attacks, India had threatened to block some of the services if its security agencies were not provided access to the data.

The home ministry said on Aug. 30 RIM had offered several ways to allow authorities to monitor BlackBerry communications. The government said it would check their feasibility over the next 60 days. h.


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One Comment on “India hopes for resolution of BlackBerry issue”

  1. But terrorists struck even when there were no Black Berrys or cell phones. I wonder how the threat has become more potential in the wake of new inventions. But I express full solidarity with the Indians in their fight against Islamic terrorism.

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