CNN POL Ticker– Obama: Fox News is ‘destructive’ to America

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I read this article on CNN’s political ticker and wanted to share with you all- Obama makes a parallel between FOX News and “papers owned by William Randolph Hearst at the turn of the 20th century that unabashedly pushed the media titan’s own political views.”

It’s interesting to see how it’s viewed by the white house. Check it out-

2 Comments on “CNN POL Ticker– Obama: Fox News is ‘destructive’ to America”

  1. This is one problem with channels like Fox. If you don’t talk about them, they will talk about you. If you talk about them, they’ll take it as a chance to popularize themselves. Bad choices.

  2. I’m not trying to make a joke. I always forget people actually watch Fox News for their current events. I just think of the channel as only existing to be the punchline of Jon Stewart’s jokes. That’s probably a sign I should diversify the media I consume…

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