Go to see a movie!

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The lifestyle of US is penetrating us.

Hollywood movies could be the one. We are lucky enough that AMC Theater is right beside the MET, and the price of the movie ticket is pretty cheap ($5.25 Mon – Thu). Last night almost all of us went to see a movie. Although the movie reassured that George Clooney is a box office poison, the main point is not here.

Could you imagine that someone in our group whistles, everybody gets together immediately? We enjoy hanging out together. In addition, we love Hollywood movies. Besides, in the theater, we could have soda drinks and pop corns (if you choose the large size, you could refill them).

Here are the typical elements: movies, drinks and huge size of pop corns. Who can refuse the American lifestyle?

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2 Comments on “Go to see a movie!”

  1. Good to see your blog! But we watch another movie… Ha ha ha
    I like ur comments during movie. Oh my God!!!!!!

  2. Funny, I never considered “going to the movies” as a part of American culture. Now that I think about it, it definitely has a distinct US flavor.

    You might get a kick out of knowing that we sometimes say that foreign films have “European endings.” This term normally comes out when the hero does not ride off into the sunset with the love of his life and one million dollars, which often happens in foreign films.

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