Labor Day

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Ideas about work vary from culture to culture. Some, like France, are firm believers in the 35 hour work week. Others, like America, rarely take time to settle down. However, every country has some national holidays where everyone can enjoy a day off. Labor day is one of America’s.

I may be just a bit disalllusioned because I recently started a job at the copy desk for Sports. The hours are terrible: Fri. 6-2am, Sat. 4-midnight, Sun. 1-5pm. No breaks allowed. After my first Friday shift I was absolutely exhausted. All I wanted was a burrito and my bed. I went to order my tasty Mexican treat when I realized, the person I was buying my burrito from was working a worse shift than I was! They were doing an undesirable job for people getting off less undesirable jobs.

I guess the old mantra still holds true, “it could be worse.” In fact, this national holiday was created because of terrible workplace conditions. Labor Day was created after America was in a period of unrest about the Pullman Strike in 1884, when people were actually dying while doing their normal, working-class jobs. 16 hour workdays, orphans working as chimney sweeps, labor houses, it was terrible to work in the 19th century. Makes my job seem a little better.

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  1. Great to know! How many days our working class are waiting for their exact wages and rights? In my country businessman always exploit them.

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