Should Newspapers follow the Financial Times Model?

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After hearing Len Downie’s story of Katharine Graham, I wanted to look up more women who have been leaders in the media industry.
I easily found, Gillian Tett, who on top of being an industry leader is a financial editor.
The Financial Times is an anomaly, only 19% of its revenue comes in from advertising. The paper has risen in prestige since uncovering early signs of the impending financial crisis. The paper is also attracting subscription as a “status symbol”, a form of branding which I think has possibility.
I’m excited personally by Gillian Tett’s example because I’m fascinated with how financial journalism operates and I rarely see women covering the financial beat. I’m looking into reading her book, Fool’s Gold.
If you would like to know more about her personal story, the link is below.

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  1. Women and Media is one of the issue of Bangladesh! None of the Women either own a newspaper or Editor of Newspaper. Miles to go…

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