The World’s Best Countries

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A possible interesting reading in Newsweek I would like to link on. Looks like Croatia is a better place to live in than an average Croatian tends to think… Of course, I was interested to see more about all our respective countries. If I am not mistaken, USA takes the place N0. 11, Brazil 48, Turkey 52, China 59, Sri Lanka 66, Bangladesh 88, Pakistan 89.  Can’t find Macedonia ranked.
But you know what they say: statistics is like a bikini – covers only the essential. Dubito, ergo sum… a Croatian.

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10 Comments on “The World’s Best Countries”

  1. Back home in ‘terrible’ ‘number 66’, I have 2 secretaries, one assistant, 2 drivers, 4 cars, one apartment in the city that overlooks the Indian ocean & one house next to a lake. Anyone want to move from numbe 11 to number 66? hahahaha…

    1. ME wants to move to YOUR 66 – a poor TV star from 28 who doesn’t even have a house keeper. Or a house. Just don’t make me your driver, or a lady who sells sea- shells. Then my individual place will be in jeopardy again. You know what I mean… I am glad that the article brought us a nice little socio-psycho discussion though.

    2. I think China could be the last country in this list. The housing price is extremely high and people cannot received satisfaction.

    3. Sorry, the last place is already taken by Burkina Faso. You Chinese people will have to try a little harder to fall from 59 to 100 next year. Maybe you coud think of ruining some health and education? Obviously we can’t count on you in ruining economy, according to statistics.

  2. Where is Mongolia?
    I was looking for, but could not find. Countries, which i really want to go, Sweden is on the 3rd, Canada is on the 7th.

    1. I couldn’t find Mongolia either. Hm, if two countries out of our dozen or so are missing, what else can be missing? Oh, this suspicious mind of mine…

  3. I think that NewsWeek requires more investigation about giving numbers for better life in the country as If like me person can have ,five servents in home,two car drivers and four office staff and even one for utility bills and my country is on 89 if such faclities have of 11 or other number country have then should come on this .

    1. What is the servatns life, I wonder? I mean do they have their servants as well? I am a little confused too about the parameters of the meaning of “good life”. Compared to what?

  4. I think, in the grand scheme of things, the study isn’t saying where a good life is possible or the best place to live. Studies like that boil down to schools/hospitals per 1,000 people, cultural events, and natural disasters. In the end, its just a way to get tourism dollars and a few hits on the Web.

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