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Dear All:

I just had one new blog and I posted one new blog which could help you. Welcome to visit.


About Yang

Yang is a senior journalist with Beijing Youth Daily, where he has worked for more than ten years covering local, business and real estate news. He travels to conflicted regions and disaster sites to cover world news for the paper. Yang has a bachelor's degree in economics from Beijing Polytechnic University.

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3 Comments on “My blog and my new post”

  1. Dear Yang,
    thanks very much for sharing hat you have learned with us. In fact, Chinkhanda had sent the book to me and i will definitely read it. We are all taking different courses and learning different things. I think we can use this blog to share what we have learned. In that way we can learn more and more…

  2. You are welcome. I will continue to read some books. And I will summarize the main points. I appreciate that you will share yours. As you said we could learn from each other.

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