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… that is the title of my first blog EVER in history published in the Croatian media, i.e. medium – my Croatian TV. Small step for mankind, but giant leap for my two or three fans back home! It is the official start of me like a new media journalist, which is the real purpose of me being here and now. I shared sad moments with you, my dear Humphrey Fellows (and hopefully many other readers in the future), and I feel like sharing a happy one too.

It was on the front page of the all day yesterday (Croatia is 9 hours ahead), and further on you can see the link on the HRT blog page. It is only in Croatian, but you will certainly recognise the photos of Arizona and me. Also, the second link in the blog is on Malik Siraj Akbar Writes.

Who has ever had a heretic thought of not loving social media?

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Reporter, anchor, producer at HTV - Croatian public broadcasting network. Best in doing features, docutainment projects and live programs. Ex-executive producer of a breakfast show. Recipient of different national and international TV awards. Teacher of TV practicums at Zagreb University. French translator. 2000/01 Professional Development Year at UT in Knoxville-TN. Now mostly involved in internatonal media projects. Currently studying new media at ASU in Phoenix-AZ.

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