My Visit To Tempe Town Lake

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It was really a great time passed over Tempe Town Lake where Barret Program was organised different in my language,the classical dance presented very beautifully and lovely and there was a lot rush of families participated in the show .I like very much the dance of kids and students of elementry school and I felt first time in U S the same atmosphere like my country when in Karachi ,there is a musical show on beach that huge rush is seen and specailly kids thoses who enjoy the roaming/playing around the park . For me it was a Wonderful evening and dinner arranged .When I saw the kids performing on stage that my joy new no  bounds . Though I was thinking that Tempe Town lake is now closed however there is such rush and people involving in the entertainment  after its opening ,what kind rush there will be , just imagine.

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  1. I didn’t realize this until I came here, but ASU actually has a good dance program. As with your experience, there are some good dancers in Arizona. I appreciate it as an art form, and am happy you enjoyed it.

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