Colbert’s Satire- was it ok?

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Stephen Colbert, a political satirist and comedian who hosts the show “The Colbert Report”, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee to talk about immigration and farm labor. The issue- what does a political satire show host know about immigration and farm labor?

Watch the video of his testimony, and feel free to share your thoughts on whether you think it was appropriate.

Colbert at House Judiciary Committee Hearing

Personally, I think he made one simple point. Having took part in a program that allowed the average American to take a job on a farm, a job that often times goes to an immigrant, he learned that only 15 others took the offer this program afforded people. He also,though satirically, made several points regarding how immigration and farm labor issues go hand-in-hand and could be managed.

However, it seems that his testimony has received some backlash. Time has more info on that here-,8599,2021548,00.html

2 Comments on “Colbert’s Satire- was it ok?”

  1. It was completely okay. CSPAN-3 is the most boring channel ever created, and that was a rousing speech. Anyone can point to it and say it was insulting, but to do so ignores the really good points that he makes.

    It’s Steven Colbert. It’s completely asinine to expect an entirely serious, unoffensive speech from him. In the end, I feel like I have a new view of the debate. That’s more valuable than 99% of what I normally see on CSPAN.

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