Age between love

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I have a simple question- mostly to gauge the cultural differences in how we perceive one thing; Age difference between partners in a relationship.

In the U.S. people often talk about how women are “gold diggers” when they are with, usually wealthy, older men.

Older women are often called “cougars” for searching for younger men.

What would an unusual age difference be in a relationship/marriage for you or in your country of origin? Take into account any possible combination of gender and age.

2 Comments on “Age between love”

  1. Oh, two of my favorite subjects together: stereotypes and gender!
    The world is full of absurd diversity in this field as far as I know: in some countries it’s quite normal that young girls are married to guys of their grandpa’s age. Or that mature women are sex teachers to teenage boys.
    In Europe 5 years of difference is tolerated either way and starting from 10 the judgement is on the men’s side.
    But did you notice that the entire world is a little more on the men’s side here? In both your cases women are predators. Is there a nickname for “meat” living for free in a “cougar’s cage”? Not to say how sweet sounds “sugar-dady” compared to “gold digger”. But hey, are we talking about love or prostitution?
    If you were truly in love with a sponge, would you care what people talk? Under the condition that your sponge is major of course.

  2. Well said Daria! There is definitely a trend there and how men seemed to be favored.
    In Brazil is not unusual for men to be 10 years older than their spouses.

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