All day buffets in Vegas

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In the capital of the buffets, what else should you do?

Seven buffets in seven hotels, Harrah’s Group promotes their chain hotels’ all day buffet ticket – 43 dollars for 24 hours.

“Do you have the ambition to accomplish the mission which is supposed to be impossible?” I asked.

“No, it is not an ambition, it is madness.” Afridi shook his head and answering my question, though he was sitting in Carnival Buffet in Rio and biting the baked salmon (half hour ago he just finished eating one buffet in Caesars Palace).

He is always teasing me and Alauddin about Buffet, but he seemed really enjoying the buffets in Vegas. When we finished having Carnival, I found Afirdi’s tummy is like 6 month pregnant lady. But to my surprise, two hours later, he asked me to follow him to go to Flamingo to have midnight buffet. Unfortunately it closed at 10PM.

The next day, he missed breakfast in Paris, but gained two buffets in Spice Market Buffet in Hollywood Planet. In total, he and Mukesh had 4 buffets in three hotels within 24 hours.

Alauddin and I had 5 buffets in Hollywood Planet, Caesars Palace. Rio and Paris within 24 hours. Khandda finally bought the all-day-buffet ticket. I assume she had three buffets in three hotels.

Compared with the buffets, I could rank them in stars:

Rio *****
Hollywood Planet ****
Paris ***
Caesars Palace **

Beyond my estimation, five-star hotel’s buffet (Caesars Palace) is much worse than 4 star hotel (Paris). While the three star hotel could provide better buffet.

Rio is the best. Unfortunately all-day-buffet ticket is not included world famous Village Seafood Buffet, $39 for one time (with coupon $29). I was told by Dr. Bill it provides Abalone, Lobster, not mentioning King Crab Legs and Shrimps.

It is the Everest. Do you have the ambition to be on top of the best buffet next time?

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