Branding China

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It is good time to brand China, when international communities criticize Chinese government.

Chinese government has recognized the image issue long ago. They prepare to spend billions of dollars to branding China. But this time, Chinese branding is under damaging again.

Liu Xiaobo, Nobel laureate, becomes headline of front-page of every newspaper in the world yesterday, in addition to Chinese media. Premier Wen Jiabao canceled joint conference in Turkey on Friday, no single Chinese medium talks about this issue directly. Only Ma Zhaoxu, Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced Nobel Peace Prize committee and Norwegian government. This morning I found Xinhua News Agency coded one article by an unknown Russian writer to denounce Nobel Peace Prize committee. Nothing else.

I believe that originally the authorities contempt Liu Xiaobo. In the officials mind, Liu is just one prisoner like many others. They tried their wild imaginations and can not believe Liu could win. The truth is revealed by Reuters. The reporters interviewed many Chinese people in the street in Beijing and no one knows Liu Xiaobo, even after he won the prize. In one word, unprepared.

The reluctant response received criticism again. One newspaper in America criticized that why a powerful country is so afraid of one prisoner that it wants to hide everything around him? Now Chinese government received one passive position again and again. Image is easily damaged.

We could return to the topic, how China makes branding itself efficiently?

Preparation is the must and to face directly is obligatory. What is your standing point? How can you express correctly, especially meeting the western standard? How can you make the world believe that China really wants to change?

Some voice speaks out. China is bullied by western countries again. It is not a good attitude. China should not be isolated, but mingle with the international communities.

Spending money is necessary but not the primary reason. How to find the moral peak and speak out confidently is the first.

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