How to diversefy your sources and audiences by using Social Media tools

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It is getting easier to explore and contact new diverse sources and audiences for journalists by using SM and online media than before.You will find more interesting story ideas and to increase your ability to reach out and serve more inclusive and diverse news by using  Social media tools.  There are a lots of tools, such as,,,,, and where you can find any information which is happening at the moment around the world.  Just use “search” box of those tools. Then you will see.

      According to the SPJ conference, facebook is rated number one, Linkedln for the second and twitter is rated for 3rd for reaching and searching information tools.  

Here are 5 key things to do know, when using Social media , which i learnt today from SPJ conference:

-Develop your personal brand

-Identify your audience /what do you want to reach/

-Follow the leader/ Identify  and reach out to prominentonline personalities, position yourself and association with network “leaders”/

-Think beyond the color line/ engage diverse source, seek out diverse story, ideas and create/

-It is about connecting/ connecting successfully reqiures-Trust,Realationship building, interactive/two way dialogue, common interests/.

Chinkhand from Las Vegas/ SPJ conference/.

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Chinkhand Dorj from Mongolia. A broadcasting journalist for Mongolian National Public Radio and Television. A HH Humphrey fellow, 2010-2011 Walter Cronkite School of Jounalism and Mas Communication, ASU.

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  1. There was a conference at ASU last week on using social networking sites to promote companies and brands. The panelists said it was a 24/7 job and you needed to constantly survey the trends and listen for feedback. It’s crazy to me that this constant feedback is available now, everything has become so decentralized, even letters to the editor seem archaic now.

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