Nothing is permanant in life.

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I believe and This is my personal experience that nothing is permanant in the life .things are changed with every passing passage of the time and when and where it goes no body knows about .This is just changed and you are so astonished that How it is happened but this is .God never keeps the same ever and ever as whe a child is burn that hisw fate is written that time and the human being thinks that this is happening sinulteniously ,means automaticaly as I believe religiously.I never thought that I would be in U S ever and ever in life specailly after the jail ,well this was also pretty good exprience .America is the country in the whole world where Anybody can buill his skills brilliantly and earn any degree that he requires one.I am quiet hopeful about my developing leadership and journalistic skills .There is a saying of poet that Time goes on but Memories stay.

3 Comments on “Nothing is permanant in life.”

  1. Mukesh-
    Your thoughts are timely. Indeed, we all sometimes need to be reminded that the only thing that’s permanent is God and change.

  2. Yes, we are all learning a lot from this wonderful experience not only about journalism but leadership as well. I am glad that you are finding it very helpful to develop your professional skills.

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