Nationalism is dangerous

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Yesterday, more than three Chinese big cities had protests against Japan – tens of thousands of people involved.

BBC took the photos. And I saw all of them were young students. “Against Japanese, Vi-va La China!” They were angry and they wanted to show their patriotic affection. Some Japanese properties including joint-venture companies were damaged by the young students. They even fought against police.

Within one month, anti-Japanese protest happened again. Now Ministry of Foreign Affairs quickly sent out one announcement. Its attitude changed. They could not be in favor of the demonstrators again, though they claim they love their mother land.

Nationalism could be double-edged sword. It is good but dangerous. If China is looking for its own ideology which could compete with western ideology, nationalism could not be the better choice.

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2 Comments on “Nationalism is dangerous”

  1. Thanks for sharing your idea on Nationalism. One my fabourite quote from Respected M. Gandhi
    “Nonviolent nationalism is a necessary condition of corporate or civilized life. Hatred is not essential for nationalism Race hatred will kill the real national spirit.”


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