Journey to” Phoenix” and Leadership

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As all the world heard the name “Phoenix” once more with the Phoniex capsule used to rescue the trapped Chilean miners, i wanted to share the meaning of this name in eastern culture.

“Phoenix” is a mythological bird. In Turkey is is known as “Anka Kuşu or Zumrud-u Anka”, in Iranian culture it is known as “Simurg”. It lives in the mythological mountain called “Kaf”. It is the leader and the “sultan” of all birds.  When Phoenix is about to die, it burns itself  and reborn from its ashes. Phoenix is so old that he has the knowledge of all times.

In fact, “Phoenix” or “Simurg” means “thirthy birds” in Persian. All the birds believe that Phoenix is the one to save them. When everything goes wrong in the world of birds, birds launch a journey to reach Simurg. However they haveto cross seven challenging valley on the way which are; “Eshq” (Love),  “Marifat” (Gnosis), “Istighnah” (Detachment)”, “Tawheed” (Unity of God), “Hayrat” (Bewilderment), “Fuqur” (Selflessness) and “Fana” (Oblivion in God).

On their way, some of the birds leave the path in one valley, some of them leave in another…When they reach to the montain Kaf, they see that only 30 birds completed the journey. And they see that in fact “Simurg” is themselves. They notice that there is no “leader “ separate from them and the journey they made in fact is a journey to themselves.

I dont know what coming to “Phoenix” mean to you but I believe that this year in fact is a journey to ourselves. And as we know ourselves better, we will become true leaders in our areas.   

Sevgi Serpil Atalay