Newspaper extinction timeline

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Hey, guys I found a very interesting material about newspapers EXTINCTION Timeline, written by Ross Dawson, globally recognized as a leading futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, strategy advisor, and bestselling author. According to him, newspapers won’t die in USA until 2017, in Croatia in 2029, in China until 2031, in Turkey in 2036, and in Mongolia until 2038. He said that “Back in August I predicted that newspapers in their current form will be irrelevant in Australia in 2022. That received significant international attention including from The Australian, The Guardian, Editor & Publisher (which called me the ‘Wizard of Aussie’) and many others.

Part of the point I wanted to make was that this date is different for every country. As such I have created a Newspaper Extinction Timeline that maps out the wide diversity in how quickly we can expect newspapers to remain significant around the world. First out is USA in 2017, followed by UK and Iceland in 2019 and Canada and Norway in 2020. In many countries newspapers will survive the year 2040.

The Australian has again covered this in a story title Deadline for newspapers as digital publications rise. There may be some more coverage in coming days.”


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