Shopping with ordinary Americans

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I like Black Friday. It is the opportunity to shop cheep stuff.

Three days before I argued with Khandaa whether 12:01 AM is midnight or noon. Then I noticed that I have to go to Wal-Mart during the mid night.

The light rail departed from Van Buren on 11:23 PM. After Alauddin and I arrived at the final stop, the train conductor told us the last train had already departed one hour before. It means that either we take taxi or stay in Wal-Mart for the whole night. We calculated before that we have to stay in Wal-Mart – to take taxi could increase the cost then sleeplessness could be in vain.

Just as Ivy said, there were tons of people in Wal-Mart. Kids as well as adults abandoned sleep. Infants even were taken here with boring facial expression or sleeping soundly. I found that the majority of the people are Latin Americans. You could also found some Arabs, Africans and Asians.

I guess that they are the ordinary people like me – have to calculate the cost of everything. They would like to enjoy their life, even though the life is bitter to them. They would like to have positive attitude towards life, even though fatigue is challenging them time after time. They would like to shop, even though the price is still something. It is the other side of America which I really feel sense of belonging.

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