Arizona Voted Today

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I have just taken the photo of the Arizona Midterm Election winner, Senator John McCain, during his short and emotional speach in the Republican headquarters in Downtown Phoenix, and I rushed to the first available computer to post it on our blog. 

While I am writing this, around 9 pm, I  can see the subtitles on CNN: Republicans take control of house… Expected to win 52 seats and more…  All the rest will be seen on TV and read online in the next hours, but at this moment we can say: Cronkite News was there. See!

by Daria

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2 Comments on “Arizona Voted Today”

  1. Observing election for the first time outside my country is really remarkable. Very peaceful and organized system! I like this system but young guys are not willing to vote. But I dont know why? Even they dont know how many congressmen was elected from Arizona!

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