Who take control of the House? Democrats or Republicans?

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Today is November 1st, 2010, just one night left for the 2010 midterm election of USA.  The House of USA has 255 Democrats and 178 Republicans today. So who will have power after tomorrow? I searched through the internet and found some material Most of them predicted that The Republicans will be the majority in the Senate after this election.

Republicans VS Democrats
Republicans VS Democrats

The final opinion polls on Monday indicated that Barack Obama’s Democrats could suffer the worst midterm election losses during the last 60 years. The 2010 midterm elections will be tough for incumbent governors. We Humphrey Fellows are so lucky because we will see this election. Here is another interesting map of the past election of USA which is published in Washington post. Actually lots of polls shown that Republicans could win here USA, but in AZ it would be opposite according to this map. There are 8 districts  and democrats will win 6 of them.  The Washington Post predicted that Democrats could win at those districts in AZ such as

AZ district -1, Ann Kirkpatrick, who won last year at this district,

AZ district -4, Ed Pastor, who won 3 times last three elections at this district/Democrats always win /

AZ district -5, Harry E Mitchell, who won 2 times / before him, there Republicans won/

AZ district -7 Raul M.Grijalva, who won 3 times / always Democrats win/

AZ district-8 Gabrielle Giffords who won in 2008 and 2006 / before him Republicans won/

AZ district -3 Jon Hulburd /Republicans always win at this district/

Then Republicans could win district 2 and 6, who is nominated there Trend Franks, who always won and  Jeff Flake who always won could win at this election.

So we will see soon how the American people feel about their direction and future.

By Chinkhand

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Chinkhand Dorj from Mongolia. A broadcasting journalist for Mongolian National Public Radio and Television. A HH Humphrey fellow, 2010-2011 Walter Cronkite School of Jounalism and Mas Communication, ASU.

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