Arlington Cemetery

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From the very beginning I claimed I would like to go to Arlington Cemetery. It is only one stop from Rosslyn.

Time difference, exhausted nightlife, I nearly missed all the chances to go to the cemetery. But before we depart from Reagan Airport, Alauddin and I had one hour free and we went to the cemetery.

It is a good place that I feel different from my country. In my country we have revolutions and cemeteries could always be the targets. The one who received respects but tore down by the next generation. Lack of mutual and everlasting value could be the main problem.

But here, Arlington Cemetery, people are mourning and showing the respect, now and forever.

I was touched by JFK’s graveyard. To my surprise, the couple had two children. Arabella Kennedy died on August 23, 1956 and Patrick Bouvier Kennedy died in August 9, 1963. To Jacqueline, the deaths of two children were a great loss to a young mother. Even worse, his husband also assassinated in front of her.

We also felt a cultural difference that she married with Onassis and her name change to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. But after she died, she still buried here and still with the name Onassis. We guess but we do not have the answer.

Does someone know the background?

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