Spontaneous pleasure and organized pleasure

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Last night I had one opportunity to enjoy Halloween Festival in Mill Ave. Tempe. It is gorgeous!

People were crowded in the street and almost all of them were dressing differently and they walked in the street receiving others appreciation. I could sort that there are at least five kinds, some like horrible wearings, some like cartoon characters, some like sexy dress, some like animals, some just take some weird clothes, and etc. I can see that they really enjoyed the night.

I found the difference between the two countries. In America, people could have spontaneous pleasure. This word could be illustrated the organizied pleasure.

In my country, leaders are always kind. When they think people should enjoy their life, they will organize a big rally or big movement. Nowadays, some TV gala in the eve of Spring Festival could substitute.

Ok. People should follow the instructions from the leaders. along with the need of the events, leaders will give instructions to the people, When they say you should applause, you applause; when saying you should laugh, then you laugh, “stop!”, suddenly stop. After that you should claims, “I am very happy! Thanks for the Party and motherland.”

I am so accustomed of the organized pleasure with the 33 years in China that I do not know how I can behave or express in the spontaneous carnival last night. With the uneasy mind I asked Tose last night that he could tell me when I should behave correctly.

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