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The Online News Association is the world’s largest association of online journalists, with the mission to inspire innovation and excellence among journalists to better serve the public.

The annual ONA conference was held by the end of October in Washington DC and I was happy enough to participate and see how far new media have gone in the USA. Just as the co-chairs wrote in the catalogue: In the past years we’ve witnessed an explosion of online news… from energetic local upstairs to deep investigative reporting by media companies and nonprofits alike. Newsrooms are rushing to create killer apps, partner with universities and slice data like never before. And ONA 10 reflects the evolution.  It was three days of hyper informative sessions – from web design trends, social-media storytelling, building brands, to navigating the media market – and interesting workshops of tips and tricks for everyday use of the ever-growing online market.

The best products of the industry won different awards. As a public media fan, I am particularly happy to see that PBS and NPR are very much alive and kicking in the new era of electronic media.

ASU has autstanding members in the ONA: Director of News21 Jody Brannon is on its Board of Directors, and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Media Director of the New Media Innovation Lab Retha Hill was among the presenters of the Knight News Challenge competition for this year’s $5 million grant to innovative authors in bringing the information to communities in new ways.

by Daria


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