Professional Jealousy

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Daria and I didn’t get to share what we realized when we talked about professional jealousy but I think, for me at least, it was very eye-opening.
We split professional jealousy into 2 categories:
1. When you’re jealous because someone you think doesn’t deserve the honor receives it
2. When you’re jealous because someone who does deserve the honor receives it
We both thought it was much easier to deal with the second. But then when we thought about the 1st, we realized that person probably received the honor because of some skill or accomplishment that wasn’t in our vision. For example, networking.
Overall, we realized that jealousy can be positive if it motivates you or if you can learn from someone else’s strategy to be successful.
Of course, Daria, if I misunderstood something please correct me but I hope everyone benefits from our realizations!

One Comment on “Professional Jealousy”

  1. Thank you, Michelle, for communicating this part of our conclusions. Here is an example from my working history: my show was competing for ratings with a colleague’s show. We often met “the morning after” to tell each other “I saw that rubbish of yours last night”. It was a joke, of course, and it lead to a creative discussion. Later he left the station. My show kept good ratings. But I missed that friendly competition so much. He runs a film festival now. You can imagine what I am going through. But I have this Humphrey year. You can imagine what he is going through. Etc… That’s what I call “positive jealousy”. It makes us jump higher every time.

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