The Importance of Images

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We Humphrey Fellows had the honor to meet face to face one more Pulitzer Prize winner and Must See Monday guest: Michel du Cille.

He told us many little things that make a great newsroom day after day. It was only a little strange to me to hear from the first camera of the “Washington Post” that even some of the best journalists look down on the image people. To me, they are the salt of our job, the rock on which a reported story stands firm or falls apart. It goes even more so for videographers. Their eyes gave so many times the shape to my vision, made it better, or even changed it completely for better.

I admire VJs and MMRs for doing a super-demanding job. But there’s always something more and almost sacred in that old-fashioned team work, when the sinergy of souls builds the story and makes is complete. Whatever you can write about anything, a person behind the camera gives it more reality.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the images: respect!

by Daria

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