Mongolia, China and Pakistan are medium human development countries.

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Mongolia is ranked number 100 from 169 counties in the world, according to UN Human Development Index/HDI/ in 2010. It was ranked at 114 last year. Therefore, Mongolian Government has just planned its goal to improve its HDI and ranking number 65 in 2015.

There are 42 countries are very high such as Norway is ranked number 1, US is number 4, Canada is number 8 and Hong Kong is number 21.  43 countries are high, for example Georgia, Turkey, Irak, Macedonia … etc. Medium human development countries/ developing/ including Mongolia, China and Pakistan. There is also low human development countries such as Bangladesh. Here is a link,

This is a list of all countries by Human Development Index as included in a United Nations Development Program‘s Human Development Report released on 4 November 2010, compiled on the basis of data from 2008. It covers 169 UN member states (out of 192). Twenty five UN member states are not included due to lack of data. The average HDI of regions of the World and groups of countries are also included for comparison.

by Chinkhand Dorj

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Chinkhand Dorj from Mongolia. A broadcasting journalist for Mongolian National Public Radio and Television. A HH Humphrey fellow, 2010-2011 Walter Cronkite School of Jounalism and Mas Communication, ASU.

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