When everything seems to be going wrong…

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At least one thing comes around to make me smile.

This has been the most hectic semester of my college career. A slew of challenging classes, jobs, family matters and health problems have all compounded into stress.

One of the most challenging tasks I’ve had this semester, outside of classes, has been managing the video department of The State Press. This is my first management position and has proven to be difficult, rewarding and, at times, frustrating. However, just recently, something specific happened that made me feel like I was doing a good job.

When Leonard Downie Jr. came to speak to the Humphrey Fellows and Attaches he said something that I immediately applied to my day to day communication with my staff. In regards to addressing a staff’s work, Len said- “Praise in print, but scold, correct and instruct in person.” He provided anecdotes of staff members who would print out the words of praise and surround their workspace with them.

Much to my surprise, I walked into our State Press newsroom downtown to find a large print out of a discussion I had with one of my news directors, praising them for their good work.

It’s small things like this that make me feel great.