My motivation is in helping others and learn

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By Fernando Aguilar

Edited by Sammi Davis

I want to start this post by saying that one of the things I learned to pursue in life is putting myself in other people’s shoes. Of course, I came up with this conclusion after being selfish and thinking that I was the mastermaind in everything I did.

How unconscious was I back then. Now I understand that leading is about cooperation and we need the help of others to continue growing as part of my learning process. As stated, I went through a process that formed me as the person I am now and I made mistakes and maybe hurt people in the way. Don’t get me wrong, I do not enjoy hurting people -back then I may have, let’s be honest, and I might even hurt people physically (not to a great degree)-. In any case, when talking about hurting people’s feelings, this is about perception…

Now I try to see things from different perspectives, including trying to see other’s perspectives. This is not easy as you have to understand the needs and desires of others. The situation is so complex that we see a lot of “disrespect” in our societies but we must remember that, dealing with cultural aspects, is not an easy task and things can be misinterpreted.

Motivation to me comes from the consiousness I have gained through out my life. I must say that I do not know if that motivation will change over time. It may or may not. What I am sure about is that I look for dialogue and understanding in order to foster better relationships. That is what I strive for.

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