SOTU and Rights of Women

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“This is a year of action,” said president Obama during the State of the Union speech. When he spoke of equal pay for women, I expected him to speak of more action plans rather than give general statements. He mentioned that a woman has the right to take care of her sick children on a day off and asked all forces to join hands to give “every woman the opportunity she deserves,” but nothing specific on what or how.

Representative Cathy McMorries Rodgers said, “The president made promises that sound good, but it will not actually solve problems facing the Americans,” she also said her party wants to close the gaps in terms of increasing opportunities in inequality, and not income inequality, but the republican house also didn’t mention how.

Democratic Senator Mike Lee also criticized Obama’s speech but he also did not state any specific action plans as to how to make things better.

“I believe that when women succeed, America succeeds,” says Obama, but no specific strategy is mentioned. I believe that instead of general comments or promises, more action oriented strategies are necessary to yield the changes women deserve.

Edited by Aimee Cash

2 Comments on “SOTU and Rights of Women”

  1. I understand your point Aimee, too much words no action. However, I believe that SOTU was not meant to frame specific step by step action but to address the most challenging problems Americans are facing at this point. I liked the fact that he spoke about issues that have not been raised before, namely women issues.

  2. Aimee, it does seem like every SOTU each president mentions how women make less per dollar then men and that gender income inequality is not okay, but no action ever happens. Hopefully there will be some action (like financial incentives for businesses who offer childcare as an employment benefit) before the next SOTU!

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