Discovering America: Spring Break

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By Domenico Nicosia

A view of Willow Springs Lake near Payson, Ariz. There was even still some snow at the lake by the cabin over spring break.

The first three days of my spring break were spent far away from people and tall buildings. It was spent in a cabin.

Ever since I was a child my parents have owned a cabin about one hour north of Phoenix in Payson, Ariz. Weekend trips with my family were pretty consistent up until middle school. As my sisters and I began to work and become more preoccupied with school, it became difficult for my family to make the trip.

Over break I realized how many memories were spent in the cooler weather just 100 miles north.

I often get caught up between work, school,  friends,  family and life. A cabin in the woods has a way of slowing things down. In the woods, everything is alive and changes, but it does so independent of human interaction. A city requires people to function. A forest does not.

The cabin has become my reprieve. It is a time for me to relax and de-stress. I think that places of natural beauty are equally important as urban environments to self development. Being outdoors teaches a respect for nature and the environment. It widens the perspective and introduces a new way of life.

When many people think of America, they likely picture sky scrapers, booming business districts and suburban houses enclosed in white picket fences. But what about the natural wonders? Sure, there is the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and other natural parks but there is so much beauty to be seen just outside the city limits that is overlooked.

I encourage everyone, especially the Humphrey fellows, to explore all that this place has to offer. Often times it is the small, lesser-known locations that are the most satisfying.

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