How do you lead?

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As a leader you either lead with the head, the heart, the hands or through trust. How do you lead? This is one of the questions we were tasked to answer during the AMA advanced executive leadership conference recently held in Chicago.

According to John Nicholas, there are four competences of effective executive leadership. These are strategic leadership (head), Inspirational leadership (heart), performance leadership (hand) and character leadership (trust).

Leading with the head
If you lead with the head, you like taking control and emphasizing in setting goals and achievements. The leader produces clear vision of the future, goals to be achieved, and plans to achieve them. If you like identifying the right thing to be done for your team, you are a strategic leader.

Leading with the heart
If you lead with the heart, you like inspiring others, energizing the team to struggle towards shared goals. The core here is that you energize others to do the right things.

Leading with the hands
If you lead with the hands, you are a performance leader. You are good at molding a team to perform well in all situations as a cohesive unit. The core element here is that you are good at coaching others to do the right things the right way.

Leading through trust
Do you embody the character of responsibility, integrity respect for others, trustworthiness, courage and perseverance? If so you are a character leader. You lead by setting a worthy example to your followers. You earn trust of your followers. You conduct yourself in a responsible and ethical manner that earn trust.

Knowing your leadership competency helps you understand what caused your leadership style and how that affect your performance, relationships and personal satisfaction.

I have a combination of strategic and character competencies.

What is your most effective leadership competency?

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  1. Interesting post. I cannot know for a fact what is my most effective leadership competency, but at the glance, I think I’m better in strategic and inspirational leadership.

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