Quality life depends on quality of leadership

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By Lila Ojha Dhakal,reviewed by Sepeedeh Hashemian


I am Lila Ojha Dhakal, from Nepal.

Nepal is well known for having the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest and being the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

In Nepal, I’m one of the 1st women to edit and publish at Byapar (Business) Weekly newspaper. In 2010, I established my media company and since then I have been running a Business Weekly newspaper through this company.Through my media company I also have conducted development workshops  promoting women’s entrepreneurship. At the start of my career I was an assistant, reporter and radio program presenter for different media outlets.

I came to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication to learn more about business journalism, and American culture and professional development.I am very excited to be a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow.


Quality life depends on quality of leadership

Good leadership can provide better resolutions to many problems. Leadership is the ability and the capacity of a person to unite people to achieve a common goal or welfare. However in the 21st century, leadership also means not only the ability to unite a group of people and but also to create something new or recreate an existing idea. For instance, Steve Jobs, he didn’t just create a phone but he designed something that brought the telephone, internet, and music all on one device and converted the world into a one global village. Each and every level of society has different kinds of leadership, but the main goal of leadership to bettering society.

Leadership can key to develop or destroy social, political, corporate or community structures. “The quality life of people is depends on the quality of good leadership”, said Warren Bennis, the writer of On Becoming a Leader. This means that the first indicator of development or destruction in any society is dependent on the ability and capacity of leadership. Furthermore, excellent leadership is necessary for any organization to run smoothly.

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One Comment on “Quality life depends on quality of leadership”

  1. Thank you for your post, Lila. Your thoughts bring up an interesting idea in regard to motivation in leaders. Surely, people have all sorts of motivators that inspire them to be leaders. Some people use leadership to satisfy their career or personal goals, some people want money, some power, some influence, etc. You argue that the best kind of leadership is attained through seeking to better society. Surely, there are many examples of leaders who did just that. But there must also be leaders–perhaps even “good” ones–who did not necessarily set out to change the world and create a quality life for people. I wonder if people who do want to improve society are more successful in their leadership.

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