Let’s Save the World:

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Climate change and global warming are emerging issues, which need to be properly


Addressed. Normally, floods and rising sea levels are predicted within the next


100-500 years but the current pace of floods occurrence, warming, ice-melting, and reduction in the


Agricultural products are worrying signals to what could come.


International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported in 2007, that sea levels will approximately rise


7-23 inches in 2100, which will cause deadly floods and cause significant risks to the world.


While “global warming” and “climate change” are intertwined in each other and are inter-changeably


Used, in reality, global warming causes climate change, which can damage


Transportation systems, forestry, human life and health, water reservoirs, and energy in general.


Now, here are my questions:


How can the risks of climate change be mitigated?


How can all human beings collaborate with each other and slow down the pace of ice melting


and global warming?


How can developing nations contribute and play a role in the scheme of safeguarding climate




What are the tools and means that can be used in controlling climate change?


Contribution in addressing the issue of climate change is the duty of all of us, no matter, if we are


African, American, Asian, Latino or Hispanic. We all must work together to make the world a


Haven for all.


How to control the pace of climate changes:


  1. Preserving forestry and green houses in our territory and communities.


  1. Focusing on agricultural efforts and producing quality products.


  1. Approximately, 7.6 billion people live on


this planet, and if half of them plant one seed in two years, we will have over 4 billion


new plants which will help reserve our green houses, and improve human health.


  1. All governments should invest more in agricultural through national annual budgets.


This will urge citizens to obey laws that contribute to the climate change issue. For instance,


Article 15 of the Afghanistan constitution talks about preserving forests and trees.


  1. As global warming


Affects all humans, in all parts of the world, the issue is not properly cared for and


Addressed, which is why everyone needs to make these changes.