Playing with a “boring” topic

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“Climate change is boring”. Ask a journalist why does he leave aside such an important topic and most of them would tell you that in half a second, without further details. There are few topics more boring than climate change, but it would be too boring to enlist them here. Then the journalist would move to the next gossip story of the day.

As everybody knows, journalists are the depositories of the ultimate truths. But still, there are a few ways to show them they are sometimes wrong. For instance, show them a new “toy” and let them pack the boring topic inside them, to create multimedia stories.

I played for a couple of hours with and Thinglink, two free tools available online. I tried to put together information about climate change and make it attractive.

4 reasons why climate change is worth discussing

  Climate change and cities

Explore the image to find out more about the topic.

Edited by David Van En

One Comment on “Playing with a “boring” topic”

  1. Neat infographic, Vlad. Maybe the topic wouldn’t be considered so nebulous and confusing if it were presented in more clear cut and simple means. You’re post here is a prime example of the content journalists should be creating to represent truths in the world.

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