Berlin Wall: from kiss to kiss

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The Leaders’ kiss to keep Berlin Wall strong. Photo from Wikipedia Commons.

This historical kiss of the leaders (Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic) kept the Berlin wall alive 28 years. Germany, as a country, was divided both ideologically and physically. The atmosphere of this division can be felt in Newseum in Washington DC, where I was during the Global Leadership Forum of Hubert Humphrey Program.

6 sections of the Berlin Wall in Newseum. Photo by Armen Sargsyan

The “death tower”, one of the towers of Berlin Wall that controlled the Berlin Wall borders, was bought by Newseum and reconstructed. 171 people were killed from four control towers while attempting to cross the wall from East Germany – GDR to West Germany – FRG.

The “Death Tower” of Berlin Wall. Photo by Armen Sargsyan

The infographics in the Wall Street Journal shows the entire history of Berlin Wall – full of dramatic moments of Cold War.

A kiss between two men kept the Berlin wall, whereas another kiss between two other men destroyed it. Here is the “destroy kiss” of the leaders Gorbachev and Honecker (Soviet Union and German Democratic Republic).

The leaders’ kiss that destroyed Berlin Wall. Photo from Wall Street Journal infographics.

Two ugly kisses of old politicians – sentimental symbols that do not demonstrate love, devotion, or emotion – were both the beginning and the end of the Berlin wall.

Edited by Emily Nichols

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