It let me look out of the box

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My participation in the Global Leadership Forum from 1-7 Nov was a great experience and fantastic exposure. The forum enabled me to exchange my ideas with other fellows from 98 countries. The gathering was really a mixture of different cultures, academic backgrounds, mindsets and unique life missions. The varieties of participants from different countries and backgrounds added a new set of taste to the entire session and gathering.

For instance, as the primary subject of the forum, I learned many academic thoughts on the issue of global warming that were more pragmatic and practical.  The stance and commitment of other fellows toward different countries further reinforced my passion toward my own nation too. During the forum, I was repetitively hearing “do it or I will do it” which characterized the professional ability, enthusiasm, compassion and importantly self-reliance of every single individual.

On the other hand, the program was perfectly organized so I had quite enough time to explore the city, meet with other professionals outside, taste city food, and enjoy freezing evenings of DC.

Every place and city has their own specifications and characteristics. During my discussion with many political people out there, most of the time, I was finding their views broader and on the macro level.

Mostly the topics were universal and inclusive to the world. The universalism of the efforts underway in DC put me in a more passionate spot to double my struggle and be a part of such a bandwagon of change. The city was full, life was fast paced, and people were too busy, living standard was high, and global politics was the topic of discussion for everyday people.