Disruptive Innovation: The World’s Existence Would Be Only Digital Natives

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By Lila Ojha, reviewed by Brooke Stobbe

Impact of digital disruption worldwide: source website


People can’t experience life without digital technology these days. It has revolutionized the world into a single, global village. People from different parts of the world are becoming increasingly interconnected through the latest digital technology, which was not possible in the past decade. If we look back at the innovation and creation trends, it’s a continuous, unstoppable process from generation to generation, each transforming and furthering technology for the next generation to better. But today’s radical innovation in digital and information technology has not only continued the cycle, but also transformed our lives in new places.

When the revolution happens, some people and companies wins and become larger, while some will lose and disappear, which is basically the definition of disruptive innovation.

“Harvard Business School professor and disruption founding father Clayton Christensen says that a disruption displaces an existing market, industry, or technology and produces something new and more efficient and worthwhile.”

Because of digital revolution, it has transformed our daily life in wide range whether we like it or not. In the past decade, increasing online news sites and excess information has made a sophisticated global audiences and consumers in various field. For instance, in journalism, print readers have displaced into the digital readers. By using a digital platform, many media organizations including New York Times have monetized their news contents and advertisements through an online medium. Even the iPhone and Smartphones is disrupting the content market. But in the past decades, the idea of sharing content online was not even assumed. Now, it’s an amazing reality. We can find tons of useful matters and information within minutes through an online platform. We can learn almost many things from eBooks, tutorials, iPhone etc. by ourselves.
Likewise, getting unlimited excess of information about geopolitics, education, banking, tourism, health and entertainment has made an enormous impact in business, marketing and communication worldwide. Similarly, booking hotel, buying bus and plane ticket even in clothes, cosmetics, and searching location, paying utilities bill and ordering foods are also becoming efficient way to follow the online market.
According to the Internet Usage Statistics, more than 3 billion of people have Internet access around the world, and it is increasing day by day. Millions of people rely on online services and information for their working and private life.
This is probably one of the biggest digital revolutionary phases in history since the industrial revolution in eighteen century. That revolution also had transformed almost every expect of people’s daily life in some way. For example, hand production was turned into machinery and productivity was doubled. So we can guess that one day, world’s almost all billions of people will be surrounded by digital services and technologies. It will play an integral role into becoming future generation’s business and daily live. In this way, following a few generations of continued innovation may will only focus on making a digital native rather than geopolitical native.