Life is about keeping balance

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The balance between business and personal life is not just the distribution of time between them, it is our inner balance that could not be expressed as a percentage or a number. This balance is flexible and agile. Today we are passionate about our work, tomorrow our attention will turn to the family, the day after tomorrow we will focus on our friends. At different stages of life, our priorities change. Due to the fact that we are switching from work to family, then to hobby or to friends, we keep balance in our lives.

“Personal life” is defined for some by relationships with a spouse or significant other: love, family, sex, etc. In fact, “personal” life is a life of our personality, that is all that causes us emotions, feelings, movement of the soul. For some people, a family is a source of emotions, for others – their business, for the third ones – creativity, for the fourth ones – travelling.

I think that the balance between business and personal life is the balance between our rational life and our emotions. I know people who totally are immersed in the work and feel quite harmonious because they love their job. Their job is not just a source of money for them, they enter into definite relationships, have emotions, give their emotions to others and as a result fell themselves completely happy. I know other people who busy with their families. Though it is their personal life, they are busy all the time with fulfilling goals, plans and objectives.  All of these compensates the lack of formal work.

Often, personal life and work are perceived as competitors, antagonists, which must be reconciled. But if we really live the life that we like, there is no competition. On the contrary, our emotions and rational life will support each other and thus only increase our efficiency.

Therefore, if I do not fit into socially approved standards, but feel quite happy, I just say to myself: “I am satisfied with everything, it’s my choice” – and I will defend my right to live as I believe is the best and right for me. One rule that I follow for all my life: at work I have a lot of responsibilities and if it is necessary I may spend all 24 hours doing my job, but my personal time and personal life is sacred.  I spend it as I want, not as anybody consider it is better for me to spend. And it is also about keeping balance in life. 

Reviewed by Alexis Macklin 

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  1. The visual, golden as it is, aptly captures the challenging and delicate choices people make to balance personal and professional life. Eye-catching, Shola!

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