Staff matters

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Internal communication?
Internal communication?

Based on the knowledge I read from the book “Internal Communication Management” by Antonio Ragusa.                                                                                                                                                   Reviewed by Alexis Macklin.

Modern understanding of internal communications is a field of its own and draws on the theory and practice of related professions, not least journalism, knowledge management, public relations (e.g., media relations), marketing and human resources, as well as wider organizational studies, communication theory, social psychology, sociology and political science.

An internal marketer can develop a really hot system to market their product or organization, but if they have not taken time to build in an employee communications plan, the marketing effort is dead.  Effective internal marketing responds to employee needs as it advances the organization’s mission and goals.

how-successful-internal-communicators-do-it-7-step-checklist-7-638Top-down, bottom-up, side-to-side communications harnessed as a means of delivering messages, listening to concerns and motivating staff  – that is what I think is an effective internal marketing.

Internal Communication – also known as Employee Communication – is at its most basic, facilitating strategic connections and conversations within your organization. This communication takes place between leaders, managers and employees – or peer-to-peer, from leader-to-leader or employee-to-employee.













If you have a greater interest of internal communication management there is a good example fro Baltic States of Nordea Bank, how they have done internal communication campaign.

Leaders take great pains to develop products, launch sales and marketing campaigns, and serve customers flawlessly. But they often forget about their staff. I think that internal communication can not be done by chance, but it needs a concrete plan and a team who will be responsible for that. The staff matter, they are the basis of all the success.


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  1. Many times it seems businesses are too focused on how other people see themselves, but instead they should start with the people who are actually doing the external marketing. Communication is key in all aspects in life, and if employers aren’t happy or are receiving false messages because of lack of communication, other projects, no matter how brilliant they are, will fail.

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