The Great Dictator

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Charlie Chaplin in the "The Great Dictator Scene".
Charlie Chaplin in the “The Great Dictator Scene”.

I have created the interactive life timeline the Great Leader who created the Great Dictator. Click here to view it.

By Armen Sargsyan


About Armen Sargsyan

Armen Sargsyan from Armenia is a television and film producer at the Media Initiatives Center, an organization promoting the dissemination of free and independent information in Armenia. Previously, Sargsyan hosted and produced TV shows and investigations on socioeconomic issues, as well as a weekly special series about Armenian elections that aired from 1996-2014. He managed international media projects about conflicts in South Caucasus, Armenia-Turkey rapprochement, cross-border dialogue films on war, social conflicts and cohesion. Sargsyan holds a State Diploma of Linguistics and Pedagogy and an Excellency Certificate of International Broadcast Journalism. During his Humphrey year, he wants to learn more about digital journalism, data visualization, media literacy and communication technologies.

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2 Comments on “The Great Dictator”

  1. I absolutely love the timeline, how creative! An interesting person to pick as leader; I’m excited to hear more in class. It’s too bad his career was tainted by scandals.

  2. I was happy to see you did your report on Charlie Chaplin. I have seen a handful of his movies and they always have a great lesson attached. He is a great leader and I learned a lot from your report and timeline that I didn’t know before. Bravo!

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