Influence on the Presidential Campaign

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With the first of three presidential debates completed, many celebrities have come out to support their Democratic or Republican nomination. It’s clear that these individuals speak out because of their influence our generation and society. They’re strictly opinions, but some people could be easily impacted into changing their mind.

Trump, Clinton at first presidential debate

Recently, Lebron James announced that he was with Hilary and the internet had something to say about this particular matter.

The reaction was mixed, but what surprised me more was the fact that people found this to be a very important matter.

What’s shocking is that Lebron made this announcement right before Hilary is about to make a scheduled appearance in Ohio. This endorsement became a trending topic on Twitter.

So my question is: Does celebrity endorsements influence voting for a certain president. This topic is controversial, but certainly something to look into. I decided to do some research and discovered many celebrities have endorsed the presidents more than previous years.

The LA Times created this article, which clearly shows all the celebrities that endorsed each presidential candidate. However, it is outdated because it still includes the rest of the candidates that weren’t nominated by a political party.

Finally, it’s interesting to see the impact that celebrities have on the presidential campaigns. It’s important to keep an eye out for these types of announcements because they can either make or break the candidates.