Men on high heels for bringing good to community

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I spent my weekend with Florence Crittenton, an organization which has been helping girls and women in Arizona for more than a century. I volunteered for their annual Heels for Healing – a fundraising event for beneficiaries of the organization.

Florence Crittenton is a non-profit organization which offers programmes designed to care and help girls from 10 to 21, who are at risk, to overcome issues of abuse, neglect, teen pregnancy, teen parenting, behavioral or mental health problems.

It also delivers charter education for students in grades 9 – 12 as well as community-based services for youth and families. Most importantly, Florence Crittenton creates safe environments where girls and young women can discover the support of a caring community and the possibility of a bright new future.

This is my first volunteering event in Arizona. I spent half of the day in the organization’s shop where people donate shoes and bags which is later arranged for selling. I took my volunteer tag in the morning, I was given the task to serve at the shoe line. My task was simple, to help interested clients choose products they like. Every volunteer in the shop had his own task: some stayed at the bag line, some in clothes section, others at the shoes.


Winners of the competition


Before the shopping began, we had the opportunity to watch annual Heels for Healing race where participants from different companies competed in racing on high heels. This was fun and the amusing part of the day. Especially when men wore high heels and were brave, not only to walk but also run and round hoop.  Here is my short photo impressions from the competition. This part of the charity event gives people who donate to the organization a feeling of solidarity and a sense of belonging.


Men on high heels

Peter chose yellow heels for competition, this was his second year participation. “It is great organization, I decided to carry on volunteering, I do not know how women run on high heels but I did my best today, it was a lot of fun”, – he shares his impressions.

“I am even lucky to stand up on these heels”, – said John, another participant of the event, who was just watching and observing the race. “I do not think I do this competition without hurting myself, this is my first time on heels. It is really outstanding, so many people showed up”- admired John.

Brian also wore high heels for the first time. “It is more difficult that it looks”, – he said about his experience. After running on heels he shared that this event was fantastic, because it brought awareness.


Volunteerism as a means to learn country

Volunteering in U.S for me, is one of the helpful activities to know more about people, communities, nature of non-profits and charity culture. I like the fact that practically every organization has volunteering possibilities for interested persons. This gives opportunity to know more about organization’s background, participate in creation of public good and of course, be helpful for people and good goals.


With Ashley Faye, volunteer coordinator at Florence Crittenton

I also like that volunteering is usually not only for one event, you can be in relationship for a long time and to see the results of your work. And you can choose any type of volunteering according to your preferences, interests and skills. Actually, it does not demand any skills, just the will and interest. Many big events are organized with the efforts of volunteers and enthusiasts.  Through volunteering, I have also come to learn more about philanthropy culture and non-profits specifics. So for any student who is interested in knowing more about The U.S, its people and mentality, I definitely suggest that they participate in such events like Florence Crittenton organized on weekends.

Tina Eshieva