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When the call came for fellows to choose a book for leadership management purpose, I wanted a book not just for reading sake but one that would be meaningful and also help direct my path at this point in my life. I stumbled on a lot of successful people who pointed out that The Purpose Driven Life written by Rick Warren made that turning point for them and I chose to go for it, gladly, it was approved.

Lessons from the book started out from the very beginning, I mean from the preface. One of the characteristics of a leader is having the art of worship, understanding that there is a higher being who must be reverenced.

Everything starts with God, understanding the big picture and knowing God’s purpose for our lives is an important practical step that must be taken before anything else.

Remember, it is not all about ‘me’! We get on to ask ourselves, some even take a step further to ask other people self centered questions, ‘What should I do with my life? What are my goals, my ambitions, my dreams for the future? But, focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose’ pg 21.

Being successful in your career, marriage, finances is not the same thing as fulfilling purpose, you need to focus on what matters most in becoming who God created you to be.

God created you and you are in no way an accident. You are alive because that’s the way He wants it, you are where you are because He approved it, you are who you are because He stamped it. God is love, He didn’t need to create anyone because He is lonely, but then He created us in order to express His love. The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what God is and by what He does for us Pg 29

Have you ever thought of your driving force in life and what you want it to be. Everybody’s life is driven by something. passion

A number of people are driven by guilt, resentment, anger, fear, materialism and the need for approval. Being controlled by other people’s behavior and opinion is a guaranteed way to miss God’s purpose for your life. The key to failure is trying to please everyone! But knowing your purpose gives meaning to your life, simplifies your life, gives your life a focus and it prepares you for eternity.

It is important for us to live a life beyond us. You are Made to last forever! Seeing life from God’s view helps you define and determine your destiny. How you see your life helps you in shaping it. The bible teaches on how God views life as a trust, a test and temporary assignment.

Character is both developed and revealed by tests, and all of life is a test. You are always being tested. God constantly watches your response to people, problems, success, conflict, illness, disappointment, and even the weather! He even watches the simplest actions such as when you open a door for others, when you pick up a piece of trash, or when you’re polite toward a clerk or waitress. — P.46

Understand that whatever you go through in life is only but temporary, depending on how you handle them, it propels you to the next level, keeps you on the same spot moving in circles or it takes you down, down below expectations. You have to decide which you want for yourself and make a move. It’s okay to feel bad, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to get disappointed…what is NOT okay is remaining there, calling for a pity party, celebrating mediocrity and wallowing in the why me’s is a NO, NO!

This books further talks about protecting your church, I’ll rather relate it to protecting the group you belong to. We must give and show love to one another despite our imperfections. Be realistic in your expectations, focus more on what you have in common than the differences, choose to encourage than criticize above all appreciate all that which makes the group and world unique. Imagine a world where everyone speaks the same language, have the same height, color and size among others…the world would be very uninteresting and not diversely colorful!



The book Purpose driven life, helps us to identify that the moment you are dedicated to serving and helping others you are in the same way serving God. Real servants pay attention to needs, they make use of what they have, they do every task with so much dedication, they are faithful and are not too loud.

A real servant leader must be right- thinking, have the right attitude, think more about others than self and see every service as an opportunity and not a legal obligation.

We all have weaknesses and they make us unique. These weaknesses are put there deliberately by God so He can use our weaknesses for His glory. When you begin to deny, defend, excuse and resent them, we prevent Him from using them the way He desires.

If God only used perfect people, nothing will ever get done. pp 270

You’ve got a purpose and mission in life. Never allow yourself and your fears to help you lose focus. Our passion for things are on different levels and when you trust him with your God given drive, you get to be successful in all you do. Be ready to at all times to answer to anyone who asks you to explain the hope you have in you, but with a lot of gentleness and respect. Pp 294

In balancing your life, learn to love God with all you heart, trust him and love your neighbor as yourself. You need to live for God and yourself, don’t be a people pleazer, do what is right and your instincts will guide you. Take responsibilities for your action as a leader.

Be focused following your dreams and living a purpose driven life. Be purposeful, don’t get busy with having too much to do, at the end of the day, it’ll be about what you have been able to achieve not the number of things you dabbled into.